» The Boswell Songs (Text: Stephen Boswell) (1987) 9’30”

high voice and piano
Program Notes
          I. Scarecrow’s Song
          II. The Abandoned Labyrinth
          III. Soprano in the Ballroom
          IV. Grace Note
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» Creation Canticles (Text: Book of Common Prayer) (1986) 16’00”

A Song Cycle for soprano and organ
Program Notes
I. Invocation; II. The Cosmic Order; III. The Earth and its Creatures; IV. The People of God; V. Doxology
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» Cummings’ Suite (Text: e.e. cummings) (2006) 10’ 00”

A Song Cycle for High Voice and Piano
Program Notes

  1. i thank You God
  2. You shall sing my songs
  3. dive for dreams
  4. there are so many tictoc
  5. you shall above all things be glad and young


» Five Early (and Often Naughty) Odes (1979) 5’00”

Bass-baritone and piano
Program Notes
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» From the Mountains (Text: Traditional) (1998) 11’30”

High voice and piano
Program Notes
          I. She’ll Be Comin’ Around the Mountain
          II. O Shennandoah
          III. Go Tell It on the Mountain
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» Gentle Alleluias (1989/1999) 3’00”

A Sacred Song for High Voice and Organ
Program Notes
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          In the Almost Evening (Text: Joy Kogawa) (1983) 12’30”

A Nocturne for Soprano, Clarinet and Piano
Program Notes
I. In the Almost Evening; II. Snake Dance; III. Breezes
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– appears on the CD – Dan Locklair: Chamber Works
– appears on the CD – So Much Beauty
– appears on the LP – In the Almost Evening


» Lairs of Soundings (Text: Ursula K. LeGuin) (1982) 11’00”

A Triptych for Soprano and Double String Orchestra
Program Notes
          I. Invocation
          II. Voicings
          III. Wordhoard
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– appears on the CD – Dan Locklair: Symphony of Seasons


           “…the moon commands…” (Text: D.R. Fosso) (1985) 12’00”

A Nocturne for Soprano, Flute, Percussion and Piano
Program Notes
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– appears on the CD – Dan Locklair: Chamber Works


» Nursery Problems (Text: James Broughton) (1982) 14’00”

A Song Cycle for Soprano & Percussion (ad lib. played by the singer)
Program Notes
I. The Little Reader’s First Riddle
II. Mrs. Mother Has a Nose
          III. Papa Has a Pig
IV. Lullaby News
V. Berceuse Delicieuse
VI. Junior’s Prayer
VII. Ticklish Subject
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» Portraits (Text: Emily Herring Wilson)(1982) 14’00”

A Song Cycle for Soprano & Piano
Program Notes
          I. Ernestine Saunders
          II. Unknown
          III. Brooksie Malloy
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» Spring Thunder (Text: Mark Van Doren) (1980) 7’30”

Soprano and flute
Program Notes
          I. Spring Thunder
II. Winter Fields
III. Song
IV. All Seasons
V. Fall is a Crazy Dancer
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» Three Nativity Songs (1974/79) 12’00”

Soprano and string quartet
Program Notes
          I. All Poor Men and Humble (Welsh Carol)
          II. Righteous Joseph (Cornish Carol)
          III. The Virgin’s Lullaby (William Ballet)
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– appears on the CD – Living Mysteries


» A Triptych of Gratitude to the Divine (1976/2006) 12’00”

Soprano and piano
Program Notes
          1. The Lamb (William Blake)
          2. A Pastoral Hymn (Cornish Carol)
          3. Hymn (Carey, 1651)
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» Two Soprano Songs (1982) 7’00”

with piano accompaniment
Program Notes
          I. There’s a Certain Slant of Light (Emily Dickinson)
          ]II. Brooks (Robert Herrick)
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– appears on the CD – The Shining Place